Start a difftag!

This information is also available as a video on YouTube. To create a new difftag, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to any page on the site that has a “Draw Mode” link just below the header (this will be any non-secure page, meaning it has http:// rather than https:// in the header).
  2. Click the “Draw Mode” button to turn on draw mode (if it's highlighted red, it's off; green means it's on).
  3. Click on the “Drawing Tools” link to be sure the drawing tools are open as well.
  4. Use the drawing tools to begin drawing and entering videos, images, and sound.
  5. There is a save button in the drawing tools box. Click the save button to save your difftag.
  6. Another box will open, asking for a title. Enter the name of your difftag, and when it is saved, it will appear in lists of content on the site.
  7. After you enter the title and press “OK,” a “More Options” link will appear next to the “Draw Mode” link. Click that link for additional options.
  8. The first option is a link titled “Update settings for this difftag.” When you click that link, a new window will pop up that will allow you to enter additional information about your difftag, including keywords that will help users to find your difftag. a description that will be listed under the “More Info” link on your difftag, and collaboration and access settings.
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