Profile Tutorial

Customize the color and position of each section of your profile, as well as the background of your profile page by performing the following functions:

  1. Create a profile by clicking on My difftag.com -> Create Profile from the header menu above. You must enter at least one field, such as your first name, in order to create your profile.
  2. Click on the "Customize Profile" link on your profile. The following directions will appear at the top of your profile, so you can follow along with each step. We will continue with the steps here in case you want to print them out.
  3. As you mouse over each section on your profile, the cursor will turn into a "move" cursor. In any area where the move cursor appears, you may click and drag on that section, and move that section to a different area on your profile page. When clicking and dragging a section, you will see a dotted red outline that appears when you move the section. Releasing the mouse button will set the section in its new location. If you wish to move the section to an area of your profile page that is not visible, move the section to the top or bottom of the browser viewing area. Moving the section in this way will automatically scroll the page up or down.
  4. Clicking on the color wheel button will cause color options to appear in the light blue part of the header at the top of your profile. Clicking on the color wheel button under page options will cause the "Fill" option window under the header to drop down, while the color wheel button in each of the sections below will cause both "Fill" and "Line" options to open. Click in the "Fill" box to bring up the "color picker" that allows you to color fill the background of the page or section. Click on the "Line" box to color the border of a section, and choose a number from the "Line" drop-down to choose a line thickness for the border.
  5. Clicking on the image button (next to the color wheel button) will cause image options to appear in the light blue part of the header. To set a Flickr photo as a background, go to flickr.com and find a photo. Once you find a photo you like, copy the Flickr photo URL from your browser's URL bar, and paste it into the Flickr Image URL box just below the header. Choose the size of the Flickr photo using the Image Size drop-down (to fill the entire background with a single image, choose large). If the photo is not available in the size you chose, a message will appear just below the image options area in the header, and you will be able to choose another size. Play with the other image settings to find your favorite way to display your new background. All of your settings will be saved automatically, as you go.
  6. Click on the small back arrow button in the page options, or in each section to revert that section (or the page) back to it's original, default state. If you click on the back arrow button under page options, you must reload the page in order to see changes to the arrangement of the sections.
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