New Look and Functionality for difftag.com

We have recently upgraded the look and function of difftag.com. First, we have added a new splash page that is more than just a pretty picture. It contains links to our four most popular sections of the site, as well as links to the tutorials for each. There are also links to login or register, or enter to the homepage of the site.

We also have a new look for our homepage! It now has a cleaner, more attractive design, as well as easy to use drawing tools and other options. From the homepage, you can easily find all the site features, and get examples and tutorials for each feature.

Our drawing tools now have a much cleaner design, and easy to use interface. When you click on draw mode from the new <diff/>tag drop-down menu above, you are presented with a drawing toolbar at the bottom of the page. This toolbar will stay at the bottom of your browser page even when scrolling, so your tools are always available, but unobtrusive. There is even a “Hide” link to hide the toolbar and enable you to see the entire page. The toolbar will minimize to the lower left of the page with a simple “Show” link that will bring your drawing tools back.

We have also updated all of our tutorials, including video tutorials and a drawing tutorial to cover the new look and tools. Since updating the tutorials, we have made upgrades to the tools discussed in Tutorial #4, Part 1. The Embed and Odeo tools can now be resized, and the YouTube tool will now allow you to rotate videos without distortion. Tutorial #7 in our video tutorial series discusses these upgrades in detail.

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