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Everyone loves a cutting edge website, and difftag.com offers the latest in cutting edge tools for our subscribers. The website brings Internet control and creativity to everyone, and it's free. Everyone gets a range of free art tools, and YouTube customization tools. The most unique thing about the site besides art and YouTube tools is something you may never have seen... the ability to tag up, or put graffiti, on any web page on the Internet. The site is new, it's awesome, and it's free. What could be better?

It gets better. Anyone can create a personal profile, and blog and join groups and communities. The parent company is working quickly to add new tools and features for users' enjoyment.

Difftag.com is a community that sets itself apart from other online communities by providing a multitude of tools for creating truly custom pages and artwork that can be shared with others. Difftag.com does much of what Facebook and Myspace do, but you're in control of so much more, plus YouTube videos can be resized as small as 35 pixels by 35 pixels, or stretched out or rotated, etc to customize the YouTube videos on your page.

People who sign up for free on difftag.com are looking for a refreshing new change of pace. Enter a whole new world of fun and creativity! <b/> different!

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