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What is difftag.com all about?

difftag.com is a social site that invites you to tag any site on the Internet, create personal art, customize any YouTube video, and join groups and communities. Basically, you can entertain yourself by having total creative control of your difftag.com personal space.

Enjoy yourself! We think the Internet is about unlimited fun, creativity, and entertainment. We hope you'll love your <diff/>tag experience.

As you read on, you'll be learning about the drawing tools and YouTube options. Play around with tagging your friends' pages, or bring over research, and add notes and highlight facts that you need to recall. There is almost no limit to what can be created, once you play around a bit.

Browser Information

difftag.com is a user-friendly art and creativity site that requires the latest browser versions. It may work with more browsers than those listed, but the following two browsers have been tested, and are known to work.
Internet Explorer 7.0+ on a PC: upgrade (This browser seems to work fastest and best at the moment)
Firefox 2.0+ on a PC: upgrade (Several features do not yet work with this browser, such as being able to draw on the entire page. We are working on solutions.)
Mac version of Firefox has not yet been tested.

How do I start?

The most simple way to start is to click the "Draw Mode" button above (red means off, green means on). Then click on the Drawing Tools link to bring up the drawing tools, and you can begin drawing right away.

After you have created a custom <diff/>tag and saved it, that <diff/>tag will automatically open for you each time you go back to the page where it was created. If you create more than one <diff/>tag on the same page, you can have a specific one open each time by making it your default <diff/>tag. You may also choose a specific <diff/>tag to be your profile page. Each time someone clicks on your name (on a comment you leave for example), they will automatically go to the <diff/>tag profile page you have set (please see more details about these and other buttons on the Drawing Tutorial.

For more information, please visit the following resources:

Help Group - This is a group you can join. You can subscribe to be emailed each time a new document is posted, or subscribe to individual pages to get an email each time a comment is posted to that page. It also has its own forum.

Documentation - A group you can join.

FAQ - Another group you can join.

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