Exciting New Money Making Opportunity!

Earn extra money from home - your talent and creativity can pay you right from home in your spare time. You can now make money, just by creating content on difftag.com! Here's how to start:

  • Step 1: Sign up as a Paid Content Provider.
  • Step 2: Start creating <diff/>tags.
  • Step 3: Send your <diff/>tags to all of your friends using the "Email this page" link from the "More Options" link at the bottom of your <diff/>tag.
  • Step 4: Get paid via the PayPal address you provided when signing up as a Paid Content Provider.

Here's how we calculate your earnings:

  1. Half of the advertising profits from <diff/>tags will be put into a pool called the PCP Pool.
  2. The number of valid views of your <diff/>tags where the ads were visible will be divided by the total number of valid views where ads were visible on all <diff/>tags. This is your Viewership Percentage.
  3. We then take the PCP Pool amount and multiply it by your Viewership Percentage, subtracting 2% in PayPal fees. This amount, plus any Carry Overs (described below in #4) is your Earnings. It is also the amount you will be paid if it is greater than or equal to our Minimum Earnings Required for Payment.
  4. If your Earnings are not greater than or equal to our Minimum Earnings Required for Payment, they will be "Carried Over" to the next payment cycle.

Our Minimum Earnings Required for Payment is currently $5.00.Improtant Notes:

  • When you get paid is currently dependent on when we get paid by our advertisers and other companies with whom we are affiliated. There is currently a minimum amount for us to get paid, which means our first few payments to Paid Content Providers may not be made on a regular basis. You can help us to get on a regular schedule by telling your friends about difftag.com! The more users we have viewing content, and checking out ads for which they are interested, the faster difftag.com can get paid for its advertising and send out payments!
  • DO NOT try to help us by mindlessly clicking on ads! Please click only on ads you find interesting. Each click costs the advertiser money. It's not fair to the advertiser to have to pay for clicks that have no chance of bringing them any profit, and it is not fair to difftag.com to have to deal with complaints and other problems involving users abusing the system.
  • Most recent earnings may not be displayed for up to 48 hours.
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