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This information is also available as a video on YouTube. Collaboration allows you to draw and share YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and odeo.com sound players, all in real time. Invite your friends to collaborate, and everything drawn or shared on the page will be viewable by everyone else viewing the collaboration, without ever having to reload (or refresh) the page! You can even draw and share on top of any other page on the Internet (using instructions found on the http://difftag.com/tag-it page), which is a great way to make notes about a new site you are reviewing, creating, or researching.
To create a difftag collaboration:
There are two ways to start a new collaboration:

  1. Simply click on the “Create collaboration” link from the drop-down in the header. This will begin the creation of a new difftag with the collaboration option automatically turned on. If you change your mind, uncheck the “This is a collaboration” checkbox just under the Title box at the top of the form to create a regular difftag.
  2. The other option is to create a regular difftag and save it (using the http://difftag.com/start-difftag instructions). Once your difftag is saved, click on the “More Options” link in the drawing tools area, then click on the “Update settings for this difftag” link. You will be presented with a form that includes a “This is a collaboration” checkbox. If you wish to turn your regular difftag into a difftag collaboration, check that box.

How to choose the proper settings for your difftag collaboration:
There are two sections in the collaboration settings that are almost identical: Join settings and View settings.

  1. When a user is given Join access, it will allow that user to actively join in and participate in your collaboration by drawing and sharing videos, images, and sound objects that everyone else viewing your collaboration can see in real time, without reloading the page. They will not hbe able to change the background image or page size. Only the creator of the collaboration may make changes which affect the look of the entire page. They also will not be able to change objects created by other users. The creator of the collaboration, on the other hand, has full ability to change any object any other user has created.
  2. Users who have view access on a collaboration may simply view the collaboration, but cannot make changes, or contributions. Users who have join access automatically have view access as well.

*Important note: The access settings you specify on a difftag collaboration will always override the “Show this page to...” drop-down option. The drop-down setting is only used for regular difftags, and is ignored for all collaborations.
Collaboration access settings:

  1. a. The first access option under the “This is a collaboration” checkbox is the option that is different for join access than for view access. Since the system uses registered users' Ids to distinguish between their shapes (and for saving shapes to the future shape library), non-registered users cannot contribute to a collaboration, and therefore may not have join access. Under the view access settings, however, you have the option of choosing “Everyone,” which will allow both registered and non-registered users to view your collaboration.

    b. The view access section also has the “Only users with access to join the collaboration” button, which means that the users who have join access are the same as the users who have view access.

    c. The remaining two buttons are the same for both the join and view access sections. The “All registered users” button will give any user who has signed up on difftag.com join or view only access to your difftag collaboration, depending on whether you select the button in the join access section, or the view access section.

    d. If you choose the “Selection of users” button, additional options will drop down, which will allow you to specify which users you wish to have access. The remainder of the options are the same for both the join access and view access sections.

  2. When you choose to give access to a “Selection of users,” additional options will drop down. If you choose “All friends,” then everyone on your list of friends (or buddylist) will have access to your collaboration. If you choose “Selection of friends,” a new section will drop down that will allow you to choose specific users from your list of friends. To choose more than one, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting usernames with your mouse. To deselect a name, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the name you wish to deselect.
  3. Another option that will drop down when you select the “Selection of users” option is the list of groups you have joined. If you wish all the users within a specific group to have access to your collaboration, highlight that group in the list. If you wish to select more than one, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting group names with your mouse. To deselect a group name, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the name you wish to deselect.
  4. Another option available is the invite list. Simply enter one email address per line for all the people you wish to invite to difftag.com to join your difftag collaboration. If the email address is already registered on difftag.com, that user will automatically be given the access you have specified. If they are not yet registered, the user will be sent an email inviting them to join difftag.com. You may specify an additional message to be sent with the invitation at the bottom of the collaboration options section. When the user registers, you will receive a message the next time you log in, and you will then have the opportunity to add that user to your access list.
  5. The final option will only appear when you have created a collaboration, and have specified users to be able to access your collaboration. It is the delete invites list. Delete access for select users by selecting their usernames in the list. To select more than one, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting names. To deselect a name, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the name with your mouse. Everyone you have selected on the list will be deleted from the access list. Be sure to deselect their names from the area for which they were given access, and deselect any group or other option that would give them access again.

*Important note: Keep in mind that anyone with join access automatically has view access as well. This means that if you choose a list of specific users to have join access, and you wish to give additional users view access, you only need to choose the additional users to whom you wish to give view access. There is no need to choose the users to whom you've already given join access.

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