Collaboration, Customization, YouTube & Flickr & Links, Oh My!


The newest Beta version of difftag.com now has collaboration, linking, and new drawing tools (including a Custom Shape Tool, Flickr Tool, and Odeo Tool). We also have new social networking tools, which include new profile customization tools, and the ability to add your high school, college, and company.

Collaboration is the most exciting of the new features. Our new collaboration feature is compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer on a PC, just as regular <diff/>tags are, and more systems will be compatible soon. When you create a collaboration, you are creating a shared drawing space or whiteboard, where you can draw and share videos, images, and audio files in real time, without ever having to reload the page. We also offer access settings that allow you to completely control which people can join or view your collaboration. You may also use a “<diff/>tag It!” bookmarklet to create your collaboration, which is useful if you have a group of people who want to make notes on a webpage. Find out more about collaboration options here.

Another new exciting feature we are offering is the linking of objects on your <diff>tags. This means that whenever you draw a shape or other object on your <diff/>tag, you may link it to either an internal or external webpage, essentially creating a webpage out of your <diff/>tag. Find out more on the drawing tutorial.

We now have new drawing tools! The first is the custom shape tool. This will allow you to create any shape you wish consisting of straight lines. Once the shape is complete, you can change the size, rotation, location and color of the shape, just as with other shapes available in the drawing toolbax. We will continue to make improvements to this tool, so check back often! Find out more about the custom shape tool here.

We have had the YouTube Video Tool for awhile now, but we now offer photos and audio as well with the additions of the Flickr Tool and Odeo Tool. The Flickr Tool allows you to include any size Flickr photo on your <diff/>tag. Not only that, you can also set the photo as the background photo for your entire <diff/>tag! Find out more about how to use the Flickr Tool.

You can also include sound on your <diff/>tag with the addition of the Odeo Tool, which allows you to include an embedded player from odeo.com on your <diff/>tag. Find out more about the Odeo Tool.

New social networking tools are now available! Some of the new features include the ability to add your high school, college, or company to your profile. You can then search for other users that go to the same high school or college, or work at the same company, simply by clicking on the name. Not only that, you can also enter other information, such as your favorite courses in school, and search for other users based on those values as well. We will soon have a more comprehensive form that will allow you to search for users using multiple search criteria. All of this can be found under the "Edit Profile" tab on your personal profile.

Finally, we also have new profile tools. You will now find a new tab at the top of your profile called “Customize Profile.” Clicking that tab will reveal a short tutorial, as well as new tools within your profile that will allow you to move sections, change the background image or color of the entire page or individual sections, and a button for removing customization. These are really fun new options, and we hope you enjoy them!

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