Choosing generic or brand name Canadian drugs


Many drugs are cheaper in Canada than in US ,especially generic drugs are found to be cheaper and you can save even about 70%. The Canadian drugs will be authenticated by Health Canada and only then it can be sold by pharmacies of Canada. You can get the international medicinal drugs from the international pharmacies which have the license.

The generic drug is made unique and exclusive by its brand name as well as cost of the drug. Though each has got its own chemical name, the manufacturer will give them a brand name for the purpose of sales. If you want to save money, then you can consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe you some medicines which are of generic type. If the drug that you need to consider for your health problems will be obtained only in the brand name, then the prescription has to be written accordingly. It has been hinted that you can purchase generic drugs, if it’s available for your treatment and if specific brand is not available, then you can go for generic version rather.

For each canada drugs specifically, there will be some side effects attached to it. Moreover there will be dangers as well as warnings for all these prescription drugs. The risk for each drug will differ according to the drug and it is specific to a person .Though some may not get affected with it, some may, as a whole ,the drugs will have usual side effects for all.

Let us see one example, where the drug used causes the side effects. The drug named Crodarone or Pacetrone, as the brand name having generic version called Amiodarone, is a medicinal drug that strikes the rhythm of the heartbeats. It is used whenever there is rhythmic disorder in the ventricles. By reading online pharmaceutical effects, you can get to know about the warnings and side effects about Canadian drugs. Sometimes, the drug can cause weight loss or gain, headaches, sleep disorders etc. The drug should not be used, if you are suffering from diseases like ‘AV block’ or having legend of decreased heart beat.

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